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​Martin Shapiro Financial Services recognizes that each client is unique, which is why our approach considers your specific goals and objectives, allowing us to tailor each aspect of your retirement strategy. We examine your strategy on a mutually agreed-upon timeline to see whether any changes are required. We want your money to work as hard as it can for you.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

​Martin Shapiro Financial Services understands each client is unique, which is why our approach takes into account your particular goals and objectives, allowing us to customize each area of your retirement strategy. We periodically evaluate your plan on a mutually agreed-upon schedule to determine if any adjustments are needed. We want your money to work hard for you.

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    Our Services Keep You Covered

    We take pride in our step-by-step process as we create a tailored financial program for you so that you feel secure in your financial choices. Even if you are in the planning process, our skilled staff will work with you to create a unique solution that meets your needs.

    • Asset Protection Planning
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Retirement Income Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Financial Planning
    • Customized Retirement Planning
    • Long-term Care Planning

    Customized Retirement Planning

    The Martin Shapiro Financial Services team explores to understand your needs, wants, and desires—as well as your values, your boundaries, and your ability to tolerate risk. With these core pillars in mind, we approach you with a customized plan for your retirement.


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    Estate Planning to Secure Your Legacy

    Estate planning is an important aspect of any financial strategy, regardless of income. Planning ahead can provide you with better control, privacy, and security over your legacy.


    We want to make sure you receive the assistance you require at all times. We can provide thorough planning assistance from experienced professional.

    Tax Planning With Martin Shapiro

    At Martin Shapiro Financial Services, we’re passionate about helping you prepare for your financial future because we want you to move forward with confidence.


    *Neither Martin Shapiro Financial Services nor its employees provide legal or tax advice. If legal or tax advice or other expert assistance is required, the service of a currently practicing professional should be sought.


    Tax Planning With Martin Shapiro

    Martin takes an educational approach to work with his clients, and nothing excites him more than seeing “the light come on” in his client’s eyes when they understand (maybe for the first time!) how their finances can work to get them what they want out of life.


    Martin gives back to the community through volunteer work, having served the UCSD Alumni Association as its past president and the UC San Diego Foundation as past vice chair, as well as the Arthritis Foundation, the Southern Caregiver Resource Center, and the Tariq Khamisa Foundation.

    Martin Shapiro

    ​Financial Advisor, CFP®, MSFS, CLU, ChFC®

    Highly Trusted Financial Advisors

    Martin Shapiro Financial Services has been promoted on many of your favorite sources for news and up-to-date financial information. Highly trusted and valuable, our services are here for you to get started on your journey to financial stability.


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    Financial Services for Growth and Stability

    Martin Shapiro Financial Services wants your money to work for you. With our team of experts, that is our primary concern. We offer a comprehensive suite of products and services, including:
    Business Succession Planning
    Estate Planning
    Retirement Income Planning
    Tax Planning
    Financial Planning

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      Why Choose Martin Shapiro Financial Services

      Martin Shapiro Financial Services’ philosophy is based on honesty and transparency. With our financial planning team, you can expect our team to earn your confidence through collaboration and help empower you to make informed decisions based on your unique situation.


      Our financial planning professionals are dedicated to helping you protect and grow your assets through innovative financial planning strategies designed to meet your objectives and goals. Our financial planners hope to create long-lasting relationships you can depend on and feel confident in.


      Martin Shapiro Financial Services brings 36+ years of experience in financial planning , and we’re eager to help prepare you for your financial future, which can make all the difference to you and your loved ones later on.


      Let’s start a conversation and see how we can be of service to help preserve and potentially grow your wealth.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Here are answers to some of our most common questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us.

      We deal with people of various ages and stages of life. There is no such thing as a “perfect” moment to begin financial planning. When you can, that is the moment! Our financial planners will try to maximize your present assets, regardless of the state of your portfolio.


      Consider working with us if you are preparing for a career move, planning for retirement, making a significant purchase, or starting a family. Please book a free consultation if you have any questions about how we can best serve you. In every case, we’ll find out the best approach to take!

      You may contact our offices directly at 858-573-1680, or you can reach out to us directly on our sites contact page.